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Are Home Gyms a thing of the past?

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Are Home Gyms a thing of the past? No, they are as present as ever, but they have changed. We see our clients utilizing personal trainers, taking spin classes, yoga sessions and classes such as Orange Theory, but there is still a need for a space to work out at home.

Gone are the big, bulky machines and IN is the space for a few items such as a bike, treadmill, free weights, a yoga mat and of course smart-fitness technology. Peloton classes aren’t restricted to the bike anymore; they offer a wide array of interactive classes via streaming device that are effective and can be done at home. Tonal Home has a mirror/screen that instructs the homeowner on the daily workout. Some of our clients just opt for a yoga mat and an iPhone to follow their favorite yogi.

2020 Work Out Fads

Regardless of what gym you belong to or pool you swim at, there is still a need for a little space that can be dedicated or designed for multi-functional use so you can get that workout in your own home.

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