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Private Placement Works!

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What is Private Placement? When participating in this program, our clients list their homes privately because they do not want to be on the public market for one reason or another.

It is no risk and low-stress as there are NO DAYS ON THE MARKET which can often stigmatize a listing if it does not sell immediately. Your home does not have a sign, open houses and is not publicly listed on the Internet. Buyers are often willing to pay more for a home when others cannot have it or do not even know about it.

As a Seller, you have access to a large pool of real Buyers who are motivated to purchase. Sellers generally have greater control over the timing, terms and pricing with a private listing.

Private Placement is great for Buyers too. Our strong network means we hear about homes often months before they are on the market, and all before anyone else had a chance to see them. This unique access is one of the reasons we have such a rich variety of options for our clients.

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Success Starts by Doing Things Differently.

The Kimberly Casey Team is the premier real estate team in the Capital Region and has created success stories for our clients resulting in almost $1 Billion in sales. Our business is calibrated for the marketplace of tomorrow, delivering proven results for buyers, sellers, and developers.

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