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19 Offers on one house and our Buyers got it! How did we do it?

Won Over 19 Offers

Our clients loved a house. We love our clients. We won the house for our clients.

Let us start off by saying the entire market is not this crazy. Real estate cannot be understood by what is happening nationally or even locally. One must look closely at the micro-economy of a smaller, specific area. Even within that range, look at the sub-sections of a market. For instance, houses in a neighborhood with multiple offers have different activity than condos in the same parameters. Whether buying or selling, one must work with a real estate professional that understands the micro-economics down to the smallest of details and can guide a client to a successful outcome.

The Kimberly & Daryl Team are efficaciously helping clients win because they run their business professionally. In a world of Reality TV, everyone has become glamorized by a misguided view of the luxurious lifestyle and ease of the real estate profession. Anyone can do it. Nothing can be further from the truth. This is a business; you must work with a skilled professional to protect your largest assets.

How Our Clients Won The Home

We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you to achieve your goal in buying or selling a property. Our team has dedicated professionals who are continually sharpening our tools to be the best in class in a very noisy, competitive and challenging market.

Don’t be one of the 18 Buyers that didn’t win the house they wanted. Contact us for a confidential conversation.

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Success Starts by Doing Things Differently.

The Kimberly Casey Team is the premier real estate team in the Capital Region and has created success stories for our clients resulting in almost $1 Billion in sales. Our business is calibrated for the marketplace of tomorrow, delivering proven results for buyers, sellers, and developers.

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