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The Power of Staging

Power of Staging - Before and After

Property condition tops the list of things homebuyers consider closely when choosing a home. You want to make sure your home is in its very bestcondition! Properly staging your home is an important aspect of getting your home in its best condition and will help ensure that it appeals to the highest number of buyers. As a result, this can help you to achieve the best price and in the least amount of time.

Home Staging is the process of preparing a home prior to putting it on the market while improving its overall appeal. Staging can be as simple and cost-effective as cleaning your house and rearranging furniture. Other times, it can involve emptying your home completely and bringing in new furniture and accessories. You can hire a team of professionals or do it yourself, depending upon your budget and timetable.

You will want to consider the following tips before putting your home on the market:

1. Top-To-Bottom Cleaning – Windows need to be washed, cobwebs need to go, shelves need to be dusted and the kitchen and bathrooms need to sparkle. Buyers can detect a dirty home as soon as they step foot in your house – so make yours shine!

2. Declutter – When it comes to “stuff”, remember that less is more! Walk through your home with your agent and assess what can stay and what should go. Don’t forget the closets.

3. Define Core Rooms – Perhaps you use your home in a less traditional way and decorated the dining room as a den, for example. Before you sell the home, you will want to make sure each space is defined and makes sense. If a buyer is confused on the first showing, there is less chance of a return visit.

Furniture also plays a big role in defining rooms. A furniture piece should be an appropriate scale for the room size, and it should be inviting. Your agent will know if it’s necessary to bring in a professional home stager to reposition your existing furniture or to bring in a fresh new look altogether.

4. Kitchen and Baths – These two rooms can make or break a deal. If you have the time and resources, you will want to replace outdated appliances with stainless steel, update countertops, and paint walls a neutral color. If your budget is more modest, add fresh flowers and new towels to a bathroom. Changing out the hardware on cabinetry and door handles is also an inexpensive way to add a fresh, new look to kitchens and baths.

Light & Bright interior

5. Light and Bright – To lighten, brighten and add warmth to your home, consider repainting bolder colors in a more neutral hue. Similarly, you can remove dated window treatments, pull up old carpet to reveal wood floors, replace older light fixtures or add recessed lights and lamps if your home is dark. You can also add warmth to your home with new pillows and a throw on an old couch or a new duvet cover for the bedroom.

6. Don’t Forget the Lower Level – Today’s buyers typically do not have a lot of extra cash to finish a basement, so it should also be warm and inviting. Paint the paneling, replace old carpet, and create a spacious feel in the lower level.

7. Don’t Offend the Buyer – Buyers will come from all walks of life, so your home should remain as neutral as possible. Put away personal photos, school memorabilia, kitschy collections, or anything demonstrating any political or religious affiliation. Buyers should be able to imagine themselves in the space as opposed to imagining youin the space.

Curb Appeal - Before and After

8. Curb Appeal – First impressions mean a lot, and this goes for the exterior of your home too. Your yard should be hazard-free, mowed, and mulched if possible. Add color with flowers and plants. Make sure your mailbox is upright and in tip-top shape. Give your front door a fresh new look with a coat of stain and new matching handle and kick plate. You want buyers to be excited and feel welcome when they approach your home.

The way we live day-to-day and the way we prepare a house for sale are two very different things. Taking the time to stage your home can mean a quicker and more profitable sale, and it is something that the Kimberly & Daryl Team have mastered for their clients.

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