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“We live in Foxhall Village, which was built in the late 1920’s by a builder named Boss & Phelps.  The houses here were designed in the English Tudor style and the borders of our neighborhood are Foxhall Road, Glover-Archbold Park and Reservoir Road.  Boss and Phelps designed these houses so that they would all appear slightly different.  Our neighborhood is now a “historical neighborhood,” so we cannot make changes to the front of our houses.  This is a great thing because it means that we will never have “pop-up” houses or houses that are not in conformity with our beautiful neighborhood.  The back of our house looks out onto Glover-Archbold Park, which makes us feel as if we are in the suburbs, yet we only have to walk through the park to get to Georgetown.  The D6 bus takes us to downtown and runs on a frequent schedule during rush hour.  For lunch, we often walk to our neighborhood shopping center inside Foxhall Village, where we eat at Jetties.  The Foxhall Community Citizens Association keeps our neighborhood together by hosting various holiday events in the three large grassy circles that Boss & Phelps designed to prevent traffic from speeding through our neighborhood.  During the Cherry Blossom season, Surrey Lane, which is in Foxhall Village, is perhaps the most beautiful street in D.C. – it has cherry blossoms on both sides of the street, which brings many people to take pictures.  My wife grew up in the Palisades, which is across Foxhall Road from Foxhall Village.  My parents live in Foxhall Village.  I graduated from Georgetown University and my wife volunteers at the Maker Hub at Georgetown University’s Library, where she teaches letterpress printing.  So, we haven’t gone very far in life and we are proud of that!”

J.P. and Lauren

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