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KC Market Outlook: The DC Region will buffered!

We are so fortunate to be in the DC Region because the the data suggests we will be insulated from the downturn. We welcomed Keith Waters on Thursday, the Chief Economist from George Mason, who shared important figures with the TTR Sotheby’s ...

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1st Q DC Housing Market Report

I am obsessed with data and love spreadsheets. My MBA was in International Finance so I think it is in my blood. I spent some time this week looking at first quarter data and going back 10 years to look at home pricing growth in DC and then mor...

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2021 Market Predictions & Trends

2021 Market Predictions & Trends

Demand will continue to exceed supply. Supply of homes for sale at an all-time low, showing the tightest housing market on record. Active listings declined 51% over last year...

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May 2021 Newsletter

The Kimberly Casey Team Newsletter, May 2021

I am excited to share our new Kimberly Casey Team branding and am so proud of our team! We look forward to bringing you the best of DC Real Estate. 2021 has been an exciting and dynamic year in Real Estate and it is constantly reinforcing th...

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