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Where will Trump administration officials live in Washington?

Here come the swamp-drainers!

The Republican folks scattered all over the country (as far away as Wasilla, Alaska?) who will be answering President-elect Donald Trump’s calls to serve in his administration will soon be moving in. They’ll be buying condominiums and mini-mansions and tooling around the streets in those dark sedans and taking the private tables in the city’s steakhouses.

They will, of course, given their anti-establishment mandate, take pains to avoid the appearance that they’re actually happy to be in Washington, a town they’ve derided as a cesspool of bureaucratic bog-rot. Potomac fever is to be avoided at all costs.

But they have to live somewhere. So where to look?

Kimberly Casey, an associate broker at Washington Fine Properties, notes that Washington has changed since the days that an election meant a housing shake-up. “D.C. is not a one-industry town anymore,” he says.

And what about a movement the other way — as in all those people who swore they’d leave the country if Trump was elected? Judy isn’t expecting a migration. “People are staying — they have PTA meetings and kickball teams, and schools that are improving and great restaurants … and a city we love.”

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